We are re-jigging the Book Club as we hope to make it more accessible and appropriate for your use.
Our main feature will be to give you three or four short book reviews, about every three months.
This will enable busy people to get ideas about what you would like to read out of the millions of books of which there are.
We will therefore review books covering a variety of interests. These will be of direct Christian teaching, or encouragement for special life situations, novels to inspire, novels to build, and stories of world events and characters too. And we can include books for our children and young people.
We would also like to receive short reviews or recommendations from you of books for inclusion which have been of interest or help. If you are willing to lend them around the church please let us know. Always remind readers to return them.

However, never forget to be familiar with the 66 books in the Scriptures, to read, mark, learn and inwardly digest!