Starts Tuesday 4 February 2020

But… what exactly is happiness, and what enables us to grow in it?
Is happiness really what we should aim for, or does it come as a by-product of something deeper?
Some people seem naturally happy; others are apparently programmed to be grumpy!
So is there any point trying to change?
What affects our wellbeing and can we bring any change at all?
These (and many other) questions are explored in The Happiness course. It comes in four sessions:
  1.   A Happy life: what makes us happy, and can we get happier?
  2.   A Successful life: what exactly constitutes a ‘Good Life’? How can we discover it?
  3.   A Relational life: are relationships important? Why (not)?
  4.   A Meaningful life: can we know purpose and meaning, and do they matter?

The course takes people on a journey from the starting point of “what makes you happy?” and “what is happiness anyway?”, through issues of a “successful life” and the importance of relationships, on to deeper questions about the meaning of life!

Course details

4 Tuesday evenings from 8pm – 10pm starting 4th February 2020.  
Esher Green Baptist Church
6 Park Road, Esher, KT10 8NP


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For more information call Ryan Ahern on 07804 250694 or email