Taste & See

A 10 week course to help you develop a healthy relationship with food

Written by Prof Deborah Lycett PhD RD Professor in Religious Health Interventions & Dietetic Practice at Coventry University.

The Taste & See programme is about:

  • Rediscovering our natural drive to eat and listening to our subtle signals that tell us we are full.
  • Identifying the influences on a personal level that lead us to override these signals.
  • Discovering ways to effectively manage these influences and find a new freedom in eating.
  • Creating an opportunity to consider how God can help because he made us, he loves us unconditionally—just the way we are, he wants us to live free from guilt and fear, he wants the best for us.

A 10 week course for people who struggle with food in some way. Some people come to Taste & See because they eat more then they want; others because they avoid food as much as possible; others feel that food is dominating their life and they want to change that.

Taste & See encourages:

  Guilt-free enjoyment of food

Avoidance of unhelpful dietary restrictions

Responding to your body’s natural appetite control

Acceptance of who you are

A compassionate and caring environment

Healthy, balanced food choices

Taste & See is not about:

Telling people what to do

Being the ‘food-police’

Following the latest food fad

Judging others by their size or eating habits

Apportioning blame

Losing weight at all costs

What happens?

Each session we will watch a video then have discussion time together. You'll have a workbook that you can work through.


The January course has already started and is fully booked. We may be running the course again later in the year.


The zoom course runs from 8pm till 9.30pm.

I'm not a Christian

The course is open to anyone whether you have a faith or not. We do discuss issues from a Christian perspective as we consider how God can help us because he made us and loves us unconditionally.

If you are interested in finding out when the course is next running please email [email protected]