Fourth Tuesday of each month 11am – 12.30pm

Bereavement is an individual experience, however at our Bereavement Cafe you will connect with others who have been through loss and who understand what you are going through.

Bereavement Cafe is a place where you can talk about how your loss is affecting you

Losing someone you have been close to turns your life upside down. You may feel confused, unhappy, angry, shocked, depressed - all at the same time. You may feel okay one day and and next find yourself back to square one.

Bereavement Cafe is a safe place to talk

You may find it easier opening up to people who are outside of your usual circle. People who won't try to offer advice but will be there to simply listen to your story. They also won't mind if you get emotional and need a place to have a cry.

Bereavement Cafe is not a form of counselling

Bereavement isn't a problem that needs solving, it's an adjustment to life that takes time to make. Most bereaved people do not need a form of counselling. Come along to our cafe and connect with people who understand.

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The café is in partnership with Princess Alice Hospice who have provided training for our volunteers. The café is open to all, regardless of faith.  You can find information about all the Bereavement Cafes supported by Princess Alice Hospice in the local area here.

Please contact Ryan Ahern for more information – email [email protected]

Bereavement, especially of a person in your household, can make you feel the foundations of your world have been shaken. Bereavement Café, for me, has been a place that has taught me that those foundations, though they have moved, are still strong and secure. Finding others who are also picking their way through the chaos and learning from their experiences and solutions has been tremendously valuable, whether on an emotional, practical, mental or spiritual level. I’m so glad my husband didn’t pass away when such a group was not available.