art club

Fridays 10am – 1pm

An art club for everyone; starter to expert. Sketcher, fine detailer or impressionist.

Join us every Friday from 10am till 1pm in the upper room here at Esher Green Baptist Church.  We have fun, chat and eat cakes (optional) and on the 1st Friday of each month we expand into the Crafty Art Group where you can bring any craft; sewing knitting, macramé … that you want. One person painted a tyre as a planter.

Sometimes there will be a challenge, in the last 3 years we have:

  • been AA Milne and use pen and ink to portray Christopher Robin
  • painted fighting fish in watercolour
  • use blunt pastels to sketch a tree
  • use red, blue and brown to paint a face
  • paint a castle in monochrome
  • painted a seaside scene using wet on wet

Sometimes we have an art outing but normally quietly sit and concentrate on our favourite medium and enjoy the moment.