Pilgrim’s Progress by John Bunyan

Pilgrim's Progress by John Bunyan

The book you know about but have never read!?  Have a go now. The text in this edition is modernised and has Bible verse references spelt out in the text, so you don’t have to look them up!  Think of a situation today – you will see it here! Kindle edition is free!

Often disguised as something that would help him, evil accompanies Christian on his journey to the Celestial City.  As you walk with him, you’ll begin to identify today’s many religious pitfalls.  These are presented by men such as Pliable, who turns back at the Slough of Despond; and Ignorance, who believes he’s a true follower of Christ when he’s really only trusting in himself.  Each character represented in this allegory is intentionally and profoundly accurate in its depiction of what we see all around us, and unfortunately, what we too often see in ourselves.  But while Christian is injured and nearly killed, he eventually prevails to the end.  So, can you.

The original Pilgrim’s Progress listed the Bible verse references, but the verses themselves are so impactful when tied to the scenes in this allegory, that they are now included within the text of this book.  The text is tweaked just enough to make it readable today, for the young and the old.  Youngsters in particular will be drawn to the original illustrations included in this wonderful classic.