The Seven Sisters Series by Lucinder Riley

The Seven Sisters Series by Lucinder Riley

Lucinder Riley was a Northern Irish historical fiction author. Born in 1965 & died July 2021 aged 56.

The seven sisters series of books follows the stories of seven sisters adopted by an elusive billionaire known to the as Pa Salt. They are brought up in a large Mansion on Lake Geneva by the housekeeper, who is mother to each one. They come from different parts of the world & have an idyllic childhood.

Each book is about the lives of those who lived in the country in which they came from.

The first book in the series is The Seven Sisters. It introduces the ” Family” & the life of the first sister, followed by The Storm sister; Shadow sister; Pearl; Moon; Sun; & the Missing sister.

Following the death of Lucinder, the 8th book Atlas, the story of Pa Salt was written by her son Harry Whittaker, using her copious notes.

The girls were named after the seven stars in the star cluster Pleiades. Their stories take you across the world, from the Christ Statue in Rio de Janeiro. to the Alhambra in Granada, Peer Gynt & Edvard Grieg in Norway & other parts of the world, Australia, and Africa. Each sister found fascinating things about their background.

All the way through the books Pa Salt is an elusive character who cares deeply for his girls.